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Blogbroad: Free WordPress Blog Hosting

Blogbroad: Free WordPress Blog Hosting

by Mark KwanAugust 25, 2010

Thinking of creating your own blog? Don’t have enough money for a website host? Then your in luck, by using Blogbroad a free WordPress blog hosting site you can now own and run your own site for free. This is great if you use another service such at a domain registrar site which does not support site hosting. Since spending a far amount of money already on a domain and using this free site hosting service, you will save a lot of money.

Blogbroad is so simple to use, by going to there website you are prompted to create an account to be able to access there service. Once you have created an account you will be brought to a features page. To manage your blog just click the manage blog tab under the Blogbroad logo or the manage blog link in the top right corner beside the logout link. Once you click any of the two links you will be brought to a page with different links on the left side you can use to manage your blog. With the manage files link you are able to rename, delete, or rearrange your blogs plugins, themes, and anything you have uploaded to your WordPress accounts library. Also some of the files you even edit its code, next is the settings link. This link is the most important due to this is were can backup your WordPress account and all its files, plugins, themes, posts, etc. This is a great feature to use cause you never know when something bad can go wrong with your WordPress account, so not only can you backup your account you can also check your AWSats, and some of your WordPRess settings including your blogs language and its permalink.

Third is the plugins link, here you can delete any of your plugins that are already uploaded to your WordPress account or even upload a new plugin then activate it through your WordPress account. Next is the themes link, with this link you can delete any theme that is uploaded to your WordPress account, upload a theme, view and install any of many themes included with your Blogbroad account, also shortcut links to manage your themes through the file manager, and get to your WordPress Themes Manager. The meta tags link is the next link in the list, this link is self explanatory. By going here you can add meta-tags to your blog, preferences link is next. There area few things you can do here, change your account info such as your email address and Blogbroad password. Also you can change your WordPress blogs domain and use the included IP address to link your custom domain to your blog. The last two link in the navigation are just shortcut was to view your blog and to access your WordPress dashboard.

Overall Blogbroad is an excellent service which I highly recommend to people who cannot afford a website to host there WordPress blog. Blogbroad parred up with a custom domain from makes a great combo deal, especially if you use the coupon code “Sonicorp” at checkout or the URL

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