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New Apple Hardware To Coincide Mac OS X Lion

New Apple Hardware To Coincide Mac OS X Lion

by Mark KwanJuly 20, 2011

With the Apple store being down for several hours, Apple surprised everyone around the world with a bunch of new hardware. For some people today was like Christmas for them. Today was not only the release day of Mac OS X but also the release day of some new Apple hardware including new Macbook Airs, Mac Minis, and Cinema Displays aka Thunderbolt LED Displays. Also included with the new hardware is price drops making them more affordable.

MacBook Air
▪ Prices have dropped
▪ Mini display port removed and replaced with    Thunderbolt port
▪ Processor upgraded to dual-core Intel Core i5
▪ Backlit keyboard added to the new MacBook Airs

Mac Mini
▪ Prices have dropped
▪ Mini display port removed and replaced with Thunderbolt port
▪ Processor upgraded from Intel Core 2 Duo to a faster dual-core Intel Core i5
▪ 500GB is now the standard storage space

Thunderbolt LED Display
▪ Price has dropped
▪ 24″ model no longer available and only comes in the 27″ model with the single Thunderbolt port

White MacBook
▪ No longer for sale, Apple has discontinued the white MacBooks. They knew that most people were going to purchase   the low end MacBook Air which is is the same price and spec wise more powerful then the white MacBook. You can   still purchase the white MacBook in refurbished section of the Apple store online.

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