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Welcome To The Brand New Sonicorp

Welcome To The Brand New Sonicorp

by Mark KwanMay 24, 2013

All of us here at Sonicorp are thrilled to throw open the doors to our readers on the next step in the evolution of Sonicorp. Welcome to the brand new Sonicorp!

Sonicorp has gone through many stages of website re-designs, since our website launch in 2008. Throughout those 5 years, we have removed and added many things from our website, trying to make it a more pleasing for our audience. For the new Sonicorp, we wanted to start from scratch and bring you an entirely new experience unlike anything you have seen from us before. After months of designing, building and testing, we are thrilled to present you with the fruits of our labors, and our new home for some time to come.

Responsive Design

After many years of website re-designs, we’re excited to launch an all-new version of our website that delivers a better experience on every device — from phones to tablets to desktops and beyond.

Which this means is that, it doen’t matter what device or screen size on that particular device, our website will accommodate for the screen size and automatically resize its-self. So no loger will our website get cut off while viewing it in various screen sizes or device, this also makes it much easier to navigate around. This is especially helpful if your viewing our site on a mobile device, particularly on a small screened smartphone.

Will you no loger have to pan left or right on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Due to our website will always automatically transform into one continuous columned site, no matter what the screen size is on your device you’re using. Navigating around our website is a lot easier now on the mobile platform. So it doen’t matter if your using a huge 60″ TV or a small 5″ smartphone, our site will always automatically re-size on your screen.

Mailing List

Want to learn more information about the Sonicorp company? A great way to do so, is by joining our mailing list. By doing so, you will send you a newsletter every so often each month. Unlike some other mailing list you may be signed up for, we will never spam your e-mail inbox. Sonicorp is not about annoying people through e-mail, if something new is coming up with our company then we will send you a newsletter. This can include a new update to our website to something even bigger, such as a giveaway that we may be having that you can enter.

If you’re wanting to sign up to our mailing list, you can do so by scrolling all the way down our website. On the the left corner of our site is a section called “Subscribe & Connect” There you can input your e-mail into the single line text box and then hit the subscribe button, then after you will be prompted to a new screen. There you will need to provide some personal information, this include your name and other info needed.

So if you want to be the first to know anything new about Sonicorp, then signing up for our mailing list is the thing to do. Don’t be left out in knowing more about our amazing company, It is an easy and free service to sign up for!

Tip Us

So you have stumbled upon some tech related news, about something that happened in the technology scene or know something about a particular tech product. Then now you share that news with the people of Sonicorp, his is great if you don’t own your own blog or website and would like to help make our work easier for us.

With so many new things being released in the technology scene, including news and new tech products each and every day. It can be hard for us to cover everything out in the world, that is why we would like our audience to help us out. We have added the ability for people to send us any information about something particularly happening the the technology field, this includes news or a new and upcoming product.

If you are wanting to send us any technology news, you can do so by simply clicking the “Tip Us” button in the sidebar on the right side of our website. You will then be taken to a new page, where your prompted to fill out required information included in the form and clicking submit. We will then shortly receive your new tip, it may take a while until we post an article around the new tip you have just sent us.

Also note that with every article/post that we write based on a new tip we get, we will always mention the name of the person who sent in the tech news tip. This is great, if you’re wanting to get your name heard out more online. So don’t be hesitant to send us any technology new you happen to stumble upon on.

More to Come

We aren’t done yet. Not by a long shot. There are many more new features planned to be added in the coming weeks and months, and we can’t wait to start showing them off to you. Consider this only a taste of what is to come from Sonicorp in 2013 and beyond! For now, have a look around our new home, settle in and let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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Mark Kwan
Some people may call me a geek which I take no offense to. Being a tech enthusiast at a young age, I am a blogger, graphic & website designer, YouTube video maker, and most of all a total tech enthusiast. At such a young age I am totally obsessed with blogging, developing web-sites using CSS, HTML, xhtml, WordPress, and making money online. Not only do I like creating websites I also like using Adobe Photoshop to create graphic designs which are incorporated in my websites. But most people know me from watching my YouTube videos that I film and edit for my YouTube page which include tech tutorials, reviews, unboxings, and anything else related to tech. I have been doing graphic & website design for many years, learning the trade from his older brother. Whom owns his own graphic & website design company.

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