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Making YouTube MUSI(C) Listening Easier On iOS

Making YouTube MUSI(C) Listening Easier On iOS

by Mark KwanJuly 4, 2013

Do you like making playlists of your favourite music available on YouTube, but would like to listen to them on the go? Well look no further, with the new Musi iOS app you will be able to do so. Also has be updated to go alongside the new iOS 7 design guidelines, making it look and work more amazingly. You can also get a feel of how the UI of app will look like when the the new iOS 7 rolls out, int he upcoming months.

With this new unique music streaming app Musi, you will be able to select any video on YouTube-which includes music and group them together into an easy to use playlist. But note you will only be able to listen to the audio, since Apple’s announcement of iOS 7 and the new and more flatter UI design. The people of Musi have been busy giving there app an overhaul, now it’s one of the first apps to match the new iOS 7 design guidelines.

According to a new study released by consumer research firm Nielsen. They say, that 48 percent of people still listen to music on the radio and the remaining 68 percent listen to music on YouTube. Due to the easy accessibility to music on the popular YouTube website. Musi just makes it MUCH easier to discover your music.

Of course all of the common iOS features in the default music app, will be carried over to the Musi app. This includes the ability to AirDrop and play your music in the background, but one feature was left out. Being able to stream your music while your phone is locked or in sleep mode, with that feature laking. This is still a great app for the avid music lover.

Other common attributes are packed into this sleek UI app, such as making custom playlists and grouping selected music from your library into them e.g. making a playlist of all your favourite workout songs. Not only that, you can rename songs you save favourited. This makes it easier to locate a song you want to play, due to some videos/songs on YouTube come with unnecessary titles. One feature that some other music streaming apps lack.

When searching for music through this app, you can do it the traditional way. Using the search bar at the top, to search for a particular artist or song and add the song to your library. Or if you are wanting to discover new music, use the one of the 4 categories below the search bar:

1. Most Liked

2. Trending

3. Our Picks (More “Indie” style songs that are not your typical “Top-40″ selections

4. Top Charts (Songs with millions upon millions of YouTube views) I would suggest choosing the official “Vevo” videos.

Also note that Musi is a totally free app and is also ad free, so if you and many people in the world hate ads. Don’t worry, this app does not come with any of those pesky on screen or pop-up ads.

So even if your not a fan of listening to music on YouTube, With the updated 2.0 version of Musi. Checking out the app is great, if you want a preview of what apps will look like when iOS 7 and its much more flatter UI hits the public later this year.

*Download: Musi iOS App

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