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Will Twitch Survive If YouTube Acquires Them, Or Will They Die?

Will Twitch Survive If YouTube Acquires Them, Or Will They Die?

by Mark KwanMay 20, 2014

News has spread quickly on the internet and many already heard of the rumours that HUGE video content company YouTube is looking to acquire Twitch, the popular video game streaming startup. Many verified sources online say that YouTube is looking to spend $1 billion to buyout the Twitch company, which is a lot for such a small and pretty new company.

Let’s face it, Twitch is not a great service and with them standing to be the fourth largest source of traffic on the entire internet right now, it seems like they need any help they can get to grow bigger as a company. Twitch right now is surviving only because there the standard for games streaming not because it’s an incredible platform, but because it’s the only platform of any real merit.

With there service being the only one to actually be the hub of gaming video content and with YouTube’s most recent copyright reboot scandal explode, I suggested that if Twitch started allowing users to simply upload game-related videos (professionally produced Let’s Plays and the like) it would start siphoning all that traffic away from YouTube. And I stand by that.

The problem is Twitch can’t handle that sort of site. It can’t even handle the site as it stands now.

With any number of start-ups out there in that world, they have to slowly grow and mature and right now Twitch cannot handle it’s massive popularity. With many of you know that Twitch’s live video quality is horrid, even if the streamer has the best equipment or programs used for streaming, bumping the quality to the highest setting still has the quality looking like garbage. Also we all know that Twitch has a tendency to lag/buffer and there mobile apps are so-so with pretty nice interfaces. With the company still having to deal with all these issues on hand, problems they have faced from the get-go.

Yes the huge buyout from YouTube/Google could help out the struggling company a lot in the long haul, but beyond the $1 billion, Google offers already-established infrastructure. If you’re one of the 4,000 or so Twitch Partners, Google would pay livestreaming gamers a lot more then what Twitch currently does. Google could offer full YouTube integration to these livestream gamers, so that would no-longer be the hassle to archive a video on Twitch, download it and then being able to upload the video to your YouTube account-a cruel and painstaking process to go through just to upload a video onto YouTube, because we all know the real money is made through YouTube and not on Twitch.

And of course Google offers a more bigger audience, the type of audience that even most likely doesn’t know what it is. This is a great way for livestream gamers can build more of a following, gaining more viewers can help to become more creative like some of the current Twitch streamers, also there is more of a motivation for third-party investors to create streaming tools to make life A LOT easier, be it open-source programs like OBS or a premium product like FRAPS or X-Split.

This is not the perfect future for Twitch by any means, but looks like what is going to happen. With YouTube having many troubles with copyright issues, especially relating to YouTube gamers and many different video games, we can all be spectacle on what we content gamers can use. Which we all know can be a big issue, also with YouTube recently forcing people to have a Google+ account to use there service, it is possible that you will need a Google+ account to use Twitch. Something that made lots of people online very angry, a great solution would be for Twitch to build up its own infrastructure and offer some sort of longterm competition to YouTube. But we are all unsure if Twitch has the funds to take on such a massive task, looks like if they don’t fixed all the current problems they have on there plate right now, that the company could #RIPTwitch.

If Google or some other interested party was to step in to help, Twitch would most likely be in a hole and there service would be killed off in no matter of time. No matter how popular the game streaming service is with LeagueofLegends horde, so if Twitch doesn’t step up there game and do something to make them more successful.

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