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We Made It To The 2014 MiB Awards Top 10 For Technology & Gaming

We Made It To The 2014 MiB Awards Top 10 For Technology & Gaming

by Mark KwanDecember 9, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, we where greeted with an early present from the people of the 2014 MiB Awards, which included being part of the top 10 finalist for both Technology and Gaming categories. Like Drake said we “Started from the bottom now we’re here,” we have worked our butts off trying to become Canada’s go to place to get there daily dose of technology news, which everyday passing by we are always looking for ways to improve our site to make the experience for our readers more pleasant.

So of course when we were scrolling through our email, we saw that special and all import email from the MiB Awards saying that we were picked as a top 10 finalist, we jumped out of our seat and danced for joy. We were filled with just to be nominated and were happy with that. But to find out we were put  into the second round of top 10’s for both categories had us in huge excitement (also becoming little girls, squealing with joy, LOL!)  So to everyone who voted for us, we are greatly appreciate all your guys help and honoured to say the least! With us being buried into a pile of other websites, we thought that we might not of been picked for the to 10 lists.

Now it’s the jury’s time to get to work, the jury will have the responsibility to designate each winner per category. The jury’s decision will be based on specific criteria and a rigorous process: aesthetics, ergonomics, usability, functionality, interactivity, the presence of information about the author, the originality of the content, the clarity of the writing, the article’s relevancy, the transparency and authenticity, spelling, grammar, aesthetics of the blog-posts, form, engagement, audience and influence of the blog.

For those who might be new to visiting us, we hope to see you around a lot! We have some great stuff coming up that you won’t want to miss. To all of you who have been with us from the start (and before) ~ Thanks for joining us on yet another adventure!

To EVERYONE who was nominated, in all categories, congratulations! Your nominations were well deserved! To all who are continuing on, best of luck!

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Mark Kwan
Some people may call me a geek which I take no offense to. Being a tech enthusiast at a young age, I am a blogger, graphic & website designer, YouTube video maker, and most of all a total tech enthusiast. At such a young age I am totally obsessed with blogging, developing web-sites using CSS, HTML, xhtml, WordPress, and making money online. Not only do I like creating websites I also like using Adobe Photoshop to create graphic designs which are incorporated in my websites. But most people know me from watching my YouTube videos that I film and edit for my YouTube page which include tech tutorials, reviews, unboxings, and anything else related to tech. I have been doing graphic & website design for many years, learning the trade from his older brother. Whom owns his own graphic & website design company.

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