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Need help with a tech product such as a computer? Have tech related questions? Then Sonicorp is here to help you out. Sonicorp was first thought up as to be a gaming centre but that idea has been put on hold, currently the company is here to help out people who need help with the latest technology mainly computers. Not only that, the company also helps people keep up with the latest and greatest technology being released around the world blog posts located on this site. Also you can view tech tutorials, reviews, unboxings, and other tech related video by heading over to Sonicorp’s official YouTube channel. You may be lucky and if you have a tech or computer problem, we might have a video solving your issue.

In 2005 Mark Kwan had an idea of opening up his own gaming centre, due to the lack of them in his area. Then getting help from his friend Matthew Ali, they both came up with Sonicorp which would become a local gaming centre. But since they were both in school at the time, they both planned that once they were both done that they would open up Sonicorp.

That fell apart later next year in 2006, when Matthew moved away to another city. With less contact with each other, Mark was now in-charge of Sonicorp. Mark and Matt communicated online on what to do now with the business, he suggesting when Matt done school he would move back and continue to help Mark run Sonicorp A few years past and no still work has been done to the company.

So getting some inspiration from two people from the internet, who made YouTube videos and ran there own online tech shows. Mark got the idea of since still being in school, to start making YouTube videos and run his own tech show online also. Not only did he accomplish these two things, he also used his graphic & website design skills to make himself a website were he could share his videos and an online tech show.

So the idea of making Sonicorp into a gaming centre has not been forgotten, once Matt and Mark are both done school which will be in the near future, will try to making Sonicorp into a reality.

Mark Kwan
Founder & CEO

Some people may call me a geek which I take no offense to. Being a tech enthusiast at a young age, I am a blogger, graphic website designer, YouTube video maker, and most of all a total tech enthusiast. At such a young age I am totally obsessed with blogging, developing web-sites using CSS, HTML, xhtml, WordPress, and making money online. Not only do I like creating websites I also like using Adobe Photoshop to create graphic designs which are incorporated in my websites. But most people know me from watching my YouTube videos that I film and edit for my YouTube page which include tech tutorials, reviews, unboxings, and anything else related to tech. I have been doing graphic & website design for many years, learning the trade from his older brother. Whom owns his own graphic & website design company.

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